Вакансия: Junior Analyst

Вакансия: Junior Analyst

Всем привет! Ищем младшего аналитика в команду FunCubator. Приоритет - студенты старших курсов ВУЗов с техническим/математическим уклоном (МФТИ, МГУ, ВШЭ, МГТУ, МИФИ, и т.д.).

Спектр задач включает, но не ограничивается следующими:

  • поиск и анализ проектов для инвестиций
  • аналитическая работа с текущими резидентами
  • обзор и аналитика трендов в #FunTech

Одно из ключевых требований - уверенный английский, поэтому все дальше написано на нем.

Ответ можно прислать на русском :)

Hey, fella.
We are looking for analyst intern guy to work with us at FunCubator.

We expect candidate to be friendly with math, English, with overall love of technology. Below are 2 tasks for you. There’s no one unique correct answer to them, but we want to see how you think.

Your answer Is expected as simple text email to zahareus@fun.co, mk@fun.co and aa@fun.co.

Good luck! Have fun.

Task 1: Interesting mobile app investment

Take a look at AppStore / Google Play (whatever phone you use).
Find any fresh FunTech app (released <3-4 months ago) that you’d want to invest to. Why?

Here link when you can learn more about FunTech :

Task 2: estimate Yandex’s market cap

Baidu (Chinese search engine giant)
It has $86.883B market cap now, Price per Stock: $250.22.
Stock price year ago was $176.48 (beginning of January 2017).

You can find all the info about them here: BIDU : Summary for Baidu, Inc. - American Deposita - Yahoo Finance

Consider constant CNY/USD exchange rate 6.5 (100 CNY = $650 USD). Baidu's cash flow is as follows (notice, numbers in CNY):
Baidu cash flow

Income statement:
Baidu income statement

Here’s Yandex income statement (in RUB):

Yandex income statement
And a cashflow:

Yandex cash flow

Question: what is your estimate of Yandex market cap in Jan 2017? Describe how you made the conslusion.

Without knowing what it was, only using numbers here.